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"Alpha Team Drop to Ackbar, we are coming in hot for final approach. Requesting docking bay to land."

Garja turned to the communications officer and motioned for her to reopen a comline.

"Permission granted. Be on the alert though, There's a strong possibility that we have an intruder onboard at the moment. I'm dispatching a security team to the medbay now. They'll meet you there."

"Medbay to bridge! We have a situation down here! One of our nurses just discovered two bodies hidden in one of the empty medical compartments. They're uniforms and ID chips are missing."

"Do not allow anyone in the medical bay except for Alpha team when they arrive. I repeat, no one expect Alpha team is allowed in the medbay."

"What about the security team you already sent Admiral? They're only a few corridors away."

Garja's suddenly felt a chill go down his spine. He hadn't dispatched the security team yet."

"I one is allowed in. Put the medical bay into lockdown mode and grab a blaster and point it at the door. If anyone besides Alpha team tries to get in, I am authorizing you to stun them."

He turned to the communications officer and motioned for her to reopen a line to Alpha Team.

"Alpha team, I have reason to believe we have at most two intruders heading for the medical bay. With the damage the medical bay has taken the doors won't hold for long even in lockdown mode. Stop them at all costs."

Ackbar Medical Bay

Hang on Admiral. Don't leave us yet. You still have to sic the viper on me.
Need to...survive...The same thought kept echoing through the Admiral's mind as her body struggled to stay alive as the sound of a plasma torch against the door echoed through the medbay.


Ebon Hawk

Xandros turned to look at Jun-la and nodded. "I would be more than happy to help." He said as he reached for his lightsaber and grabbed it off his belt as he turned to look at Alriana. "I failed to keep you safe a hundred years ago but today I will redeem myself. I promise that I will bring this child back safe and sound."

"And may the force help whatever pirates get in my way.
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