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1. What did you think?

Saw about 1/2 of it. Left early on b/c it was obvious Joe coudn't/wouldn't control himself, but watched the last 1/2 hour or so as well.

2. Who put more emphasis on their argument?

I'd say Joe was more emphatic through histrionics, but Paul was seemed quite forceful in a more controlled and relaxed way.

3. Who conveyed and supported their ideas the best and most clearly?

You mean when raddatz was stepping all over them?

4. What is your opinion of the two?

I think that Ryan is the more levelheaded of the two. Joe is quite the bombast.

5. What's your verdict?

It was likely something of draw. If you watched it on tv, Joe probably lost b/c of his lack of self-control. On the radio, though, he may have come across better. I suppose he can ask Hilary to commune with the ghost of "tricky Dick" (Nixon) so as to commiserate w/him about the perils of coming off badly on live tv.

6. Who won?

See #5

7. What was your opinion of the debate as a whole?

I think that it might have one better had Leher done it. The moderator should basially put out the questions and then sit back and let the candidates answer as well as engage each other.

Just curious, but
..Paul Ryan was pretty straightforward. Straightforward with his lies.
My that Ryan is a very honest person
don't really seem to go together.

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