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What Tommycat says is true.

I didn't want to play it because it was a MMO and since I started I have only missed two days due to the servers being down till the time I had to go to work.

I will say I got sucked into the MMO part of operations and joining a guild. I only joined just to see what it was like and after a slow start I found I enjoyed it because I was with the right people.

I made the mistake of not looking on here to see where everyone was which is on the Harbinger and wound up on the Shadowlands server. I have since made friends on there that I would feel bad about leaving abruptly just to join the Harbinger. Not saying I won't eventually roll a toon on the Harbinger just not likely anytime soon.

There are jerks in the game as well as a ton of nice people who will help and understand if you are just learning the MMO aspects of it. With most guilds they don't seem to care what guild you are part of they will help you just to help.

I will say if you are going to try to just do the story to watch out for PVP jerks on a PVE server. I have come across some on the empire side who lie in wait in stealth for a Republic player (usually a lower level) to be doing one of his missions and use an AOE (area of effect) on a target and then they throw themselves into the AOE and get the player flagged for PVP. Then pretty much ambush him. But in response to the action of not only being reported a bunch of different guild members on the planet joined up and kicked their butts for doing it.

Its a fun game with many things still to be worked out. And there seem to be more good people than bad people playing it.

I will continue to sub since I like doing operations but F2P is perfect for those who just want the story.

Edit funny story:

I did my first Hard mode Flashpoint the other day. This came 2 days after I was invivted to an OPs by my guild and they realized I was undergeared and I had to drop out. They apologized profusly and promised they would do some missions to get me geared for the other missions they were doing. I assured them it was no problem and I wasn't mad and a day later was just asking casually what kind of missions I could do with the gear I had.

The same person who inivited me the other day invited me again to join them on a mission I could do and would help me get better gear. Promise kept.

They use Teamspeak and I don't have a mic so I could only hear them and type my responses in the group chat. What makes it funny is the Tank in the group was someone we didn't know, wasn't part of the guild and wasn't on teamspeak. After halfway thru the FP I began to think this Tank thought I was crazy and my 2 guildmates were rude.

I imagined him/her sitting there saying to themself "2 of my group don't even talk and the one that does just blurts random crap from time to time" He/she was explaining one part of the mission at the same time my guildmates were telling me over the headset the same thing. Finally one of my guildmates realized the same thing I was thinking and told her what was going on explaining they had me on teamspeak but I didn't have a mic and they were helping me get geared up and that I was basically a noob.

Once he found that out he was offering advice for my gunslinger as to what shot I should start out with and telling me what drops I should pick need for and everything.

So its somewhat funny but also shows it doesn't matter about the guild entirely and how helpful alot of people can be.

One last tip I came across: As a male player and male toon I rarely get anyone to help with a heroic or join a group. But a female player or someone playing as a female toon can ask and 8 people are ready and willing to help.

Feel Free To Disagree.....Most People Do Anyways

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