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Just to let anyone who's interest know, new, updated and improved versions of all my mods for the original KotOR (which I think are good enough for public release) are now available for download at Deadly Stream.

Click here to visit my page there.

Here is a little catalogue of the mods I uploaded to the site:

Show spoiler

There are some mods which I did not update, due to the fact that I feel that they were basically awful. Mostly things I did back when I began modding in 2007.

I'm hoping to get the new versions of my TSL mods finished soon, so that I can upload those as well. I've finished the majority of them, but there are still a few things left to go.

I'll still be removing old versions from KotORFiles, though i'll be leaving them there until ALL of my mods are updated so that I can replace them straight away.

Cheers, big ears!

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