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Originally Posted by Q View Post
Sorry about the DP, but I've just figured out that UniWS will successfully patch the fixed .exe for the Collection DVD version of KotOR 2. Unlike the Carbon version, this .exe seems to be fully patched with all of the fixes of the 1.0b update, and I can confirm that it works with a patched install from the original CDs, so it's very likely to work with the Collection DVD version as well. You'll still have to edit the .ini file and put the appropriate HUD file in the override.

Note that the Squizzy patcher won't work on this particular .exe at all.
So sorry I've been out of touch with the community her. Real life interferes a lot sometimes. Anyway, I don't currently have TSL installed due to many problems with my comp that's been a real headache for the past couple months. But when I do, I now use the UniWS? Not the Squizzy one?

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