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Post Darth_Alora skin

Hello every one !!!

l desided to fynaly finish this skin l have been making all month and here it is next and l hope every one will like it it's a new alora skin that l have been making l wondered there is a great sith skin for bastila what abaut for alora so l desited to create it l have been adding some texture to the eyes and the face to make her more sith and look at the progress !!

Alora1 99%

Alora2 80%

creating a new lightsaber for her 0%

to make her a selectable character 0%

bug fixing 60%

the ligthsaber will be all new and it will be realy great and to make her a selectable will be also included in this mod also there will be new icons for her so please reply to this thread l posted l need some advice l had lots work making it.

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