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Thank you, Zhaboka and Darth Payne.

I have now finished revamping all of my TSL mods that I want to reupload and have gotten them onto Deadly Stream. As before, click here to visit my page at that site.

Just like with the KotOR mods, here is a mini catalogue type thing to show what is available:

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There is also a KotOR version of the lightsaber blade replacement pack up at the site. It includes prequel style blades which I animated to flicker like in the movies.

My Playable Saedhe mod is also available at the site as well:

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There's at least one other TSL mod of mine that I want to redo, but it'll take a bit more time than the others, since there were some straaaaange bugs in it which i'll need to set aside some time to work on.

Back to it, lads!
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