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Originally Posted by CrisG View Post
hi and cool. you can just call me Cris I am played quite a bit early this year and this group is very nice, they revolved around the Walking Carpets, (Jedi) and the Imperial Bastards (Imperial) and they have a forum now as well as this one for orgainziing group if you want to join either guild sign up here and over there, and introduce yourself once you get your character name and info.

the rules are simple and good for the Casual Alliance and i think it sounds like a great way to share in the group experiences which are an important part of the game.

Be sure to start your play on the Harbinger server, there were a LOT of servers in the start but now there are fewer and they are consolidated. Have fun and be sure to ask any questions, people are very friendly here.

You got a ways to go, the total game is almost 20 GB enjoy
Thanks, I'll send my info in and join when I get it all done. Yeah, It'll be a while, still got about half a gig left on Main Assets 1.

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