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[TSL] Telos cantia theme

So I'd like to change the song for myself, but unlike that of Izis, it is no simple song from the StreamMusic folder that you can just change with a simple MP3 to get the song to play ingame. Basically, what I want is to get the Cantina song from ANH to replace the al_cantina_band.wav from StreamSounds. But if I understand correctly, it has to be recoded in such a way that the game will recognize-it.

What I've attempted so far:
-Replace the file by a mp3 with the same name
-Recode that mp3 into mono (with Audacity) and export-it as a .raw with encoding set at Signed 16-bit PCM (also tried 24 and 32 bits).

All of this got me the same result: no more music in game. I tried to make a new game to see if that was the issue for not hearing the song, and that wasn't-it. This issue seems to overwhelm my meager knowledge of audio. So if any of you experienced modder ever managed to change music in the streamsounds folder, please help-me!
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