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Angry Forsaken place called the earth..

Ok im getting tired and frustrated..

I bought the game 3 days ago, tried everything possible except for dual booting maybe. NOTHING worked.
Then I bought the freaking game on steam, guess what? Didnt work!

I went to today, and contacted lucas arts support despite 8 hours time difference I managed to get though. They couldnt help me, they directed me to another phone number, I called the other company which seemed to be a department dealing with SWTOR (multiplayer), obv they had nothing to do with it, so they couldnt help me either. They told me to contact Obsidian, turned out Obsidian have finanial issues so they do not even have a customer support you can contact.

What do I do now? No solutions work, nobody can help me, and it all seems to be big joke.
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