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"Alpha Team has... landed. Proceeding towards medbay."

Garja spoke quickly into the comnline. "Try and take at least one of them alive. I want to know how they got aboard the Ackbar and if there are anymore of them."

Outside the Medbay

As the plasma torch continued to cut through the door the two sith agents continued their work until they both heard a sharp voice shout out from behind them.

"What are you doing?"

The two agents looked at each other and quickly turned around. The taller one pulled a lightsaber out from under his belt and the shorter one also pulled out a lightsaber from under his security jacket.

"You shouldn't have interfered. The Undying Sith Empire demands the death of Admiral Belina And Admiral Velerc for their crimes against the sith empire." The taller one said as the two of them ignited their lightsabers. The taller one ran at Tavaryn with his lightsaber in a defensive stance while the second one gathered the force around him and released a stream of force lightning at the group.

Ebon Hawk

"Good to have you along. Now let's see if my techno babbling apprentice can get this bucket close enough for us to get on."

Xandros smiled. "The sooner the better. I look forward to redeeming myself."
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