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Outside Medbay

You shouldn't have interfered. The Undying Sith Empire demands the death of Admiral Belina And Admiral Velerc for their crimes against the sith empire.

Tavaryn was quick and pulled out his lightsaber and turned to run up the wall to end up behind the lightsaber wielding fiend. He swung wide at the back of the taller dark Jedi.

Tariq noticed that the second one was doing that force thing and it looked like lightning. "Look out!"

The suits were insulated but why risk it. They would get a scolding from the requisitions officer about the cost for replacement parts. The LT was the hardest on his suit and that was because he was connected to the AI. Tariq pulled out his blaster and began firing. He signaled his men to fire at the smaller one. LT would take care of the larger.

Ebon Hawk

The sooner the better. I look forward to redeeming myself.

Jun-la nodded, "Then let's get to it. If I know Andros, he's already there."

"Yep and I have the signal masked. We look like a ordinary space freighter instead of a smuggler. One step up," Andros called. "Pulling up to a ramp. You can have a nice leap."

Jun-la gave a slight eye roll as she led the way to the ramp of the Ebon Hawk. She looked at Alriana and said, "I'm counting on you to keep the lasers firing. Kalla has too much fun. We need an adult on board." She gave a slight smile. Be careful or Uncle will notice something.

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