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Red face I see ...

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
A short rant to follow . . .

I was considering putting Cathalan in the mod - briefly. Here's why I won't...

That mod was banned for reusing other artists materials like music from Queen and Hans Zimmer. The thread gets locked and then he acts like he's done nothing wrong and devolves into a schmuck. He gets perma-banned, The plagiarist posts stuff offiste about his being proud of being banned. Well, I'm proud of the the moderators stood up against his unlawful and unethical use of artists music - without any permissions obtained, mind you - and banished the mod. I am not fond of plagiarists (look for links about DarthBalor/Pikmin sometime) and I won't condone liars either.

Cathalan won't appear in my mod. Ever. /rant

Now that I have that out of my system, I'm going to wait on a new KOTOR version of the map for now. I'll get around to it eventually. Hey folks, besides Ord Mantell what other planet mods were there for K1?
Didn't remember he was banned and never knew why ...

so, what's gonna be then? Coruscant with M4? just Coruscant? not Rhen Var already right? we DO NEED that planet finished ...

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