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((Feel free to kill off the tall one. We'll take the short one prisoner. I wouldn't object to him getting beaten up either.))


The taller Sith quickly force jumped forward to avoid the lightsaber swing and dropped to a crouch on the floor with his lightsaber held in a stance to deflect any stray blaster bolts that the shorter sith was deflecting.

"If you surrender now, I promise I will give you a quick death." The taller dark jedi said in an arrogant tone. He rose to his feet and smiled. "Of course...I could just take you apart with my lightsaber and have fun...Yes...I think thats what I'll do."

The taller dark jedi closed his eyes for just a moment and threw his lightsaber in a wide arc that went right past Tavaryn and sent it flying towards the group that the shorter dark jedi was trying to hit with the lightning.

The shorter Dark jedi saw what was happening and quickly turned his attention to Tavaryn and threw his lightsaber at Tavaryn, using the force to guide it towards him.

The dark jedi chuckled for a moment. "Time to say goodbye." He chuckled.

Ebon Hawk

"I'm counting on you to keep the lasers firing. Kalla has too much fun. We need an adult on board."

"Don't worry." Alriana said with a smile. "I won't let you down." She then turned as Xandros approached the ramp with his lightsaber in his hand. "Good luck." She said to Xandros and Jun-la as she turned and headed for one of the gun turrents.

Xandros turned to look at Alriana and sighed heavily before turning to look back at Jun-la. "I'm ready when you are." He said as he ignited his lightsaber.
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