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If you surrender now, I promise I will give you a quick death. Of course...I could just take you apart with my lightsaber and have fun...Yes...I think thats what I'll do.

Tavaryn held his lightsaber and twirled it in a fashion. "Most people say that but don't deliver."

Time to say goodbye

Tavaryn saw the lightsaber coming towards him. Time to get fast. Well he really didn't have to when something shot at the flying lightsaber and shattered it completely. He blinked a bit at it.

Hey, someone has to watch your back Tavy.

Tavaryn gave a wry grin at Tara's comment. He really was a woman magnet and he had no interest except for the one that held his heart. He turned his attention towards the taller dark Jedi and said, "You can surrender now..."

He was interrupted when the attack came and he countered with his lightsaber. The smoke was thick in the air. "You really like to be direct don't you?"


Tariq saw Tara's manipulation of the internal defense systems of the ship. He had to admit that her targeting was far better than hsi and he was considered the best. He pointed his rifle at the shorter dark Jedi and said, "Freeze. Surrender now."

At that moment the rest of Alpha Team came up from behind and held their rifles ready to fire. They had their prisoner. The question was whether or not the prisoner would cooperate.

Ebon Hawk

I won't let you down.

Jun-la smiled, "I know you won't." She looked down at the distance they had to jump. "Andros, stay out of range until I give the signal."

Yes Master.

I'm ready when you are.

"Let's go then."

Sorry, I kinda zoned out. What's going on?

Jun-la looked at Valek and said, "Well you've just volunteered to go on a rescue mission with me and Xandros here." She looked down and gathering the Force, she jumped down and landed on the landing platform. She looked up at the other two.

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