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"You really like to be direct don't you?"

The taller sith smiled, showing very sharp teeth. "I wouldn't be a sith if I didn't take the direct approach." He said as he attempted to slice Tavaryn's legs off with his saber.

"Freeze. Surrender now."

The shorter dark jedi was about to try and take off after seeing his lightsaber shattered into pieces when the rest of Alpha team appeared behind him. The sith turned to look at the team behind him and then at Tariq.

"Don't surrender!" The taller one shouted as he continued to fight with Tavaryn. "If you do, once I finish this one I'll kill you myself!"

The shorter one turned to look at the Alpha team and the rifles raised against him and slowly raised his hands above his head.

"This battle can't be won. Not with these numbers against us." he muttered.

"Coward!" The taller one roared. It was that moment that the taller dark jedi finally made a mistake. He had left his center wide open to a direct attack.

Ebon Hawk

"Let's go then."

Xandros force jumped down right next to Jun-la and smiled as he reached out through the force and sensed only a few lifeforms besides the ones aboard the Hawk and themselves.

"It looks like we're safe for now. They don't seem to know that we're here." he commented as he looked up at Valek.
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