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thanks Mim as always you are such a help

ok, that is a great source and i will study it..but

Stacks... i still dont understand.. i mean WHAT are they ....? you say...

Stacks are a buff or debuff that build up on you character or on the character you are attacking. They will tell you which attack should take Priority and which attack you need to use to build up stacks for other attacks. It looks like two of the stacks you will be looking for are Sunder Armor (debuff) and Force Rush. There may be others so read and turn the pages too as it shows you other useful information too. Like Stat Priority, Item Modification and Builds.

uh, Buff means i get stronger due to some addon, i understand that.

Debuff means i weaken the enemy?

but was does Build up Stacks for other attacks mean? ...Stack is slang for something but i still dont really understand WHAT it means yet... is it short for attack? ah maybve it means a pile of actions that combines into a Stack? is that what it means? like stacking up several attack methods?

thanks and sorry i am so slow, but i need to be honest so i can really learn this stuff, as you know i have tended to just attack without thought and so i dont do as well as i should..i want to UNDERSTAND so i can actualy use the differnt abilities and skills

ok when you say focus on just one tree i see you mean one seciton of the skill trees, i will try focusing on Vigilance just to pick one.

I see posts and info talking about building Focus..and i also see Focus used as a way to target an enemy or companion and we can key bind a key to target and modify someone with an ability.

So when it says Build Focus..or talks about X4 Focus that is what i dont understand yet.

or when it is describing a series of things to says....

Force Leap or Zealous Leap + Force Sweep with 4x Singularity

what does 4X singulairty mean?

When an abiltiy cost five focus to use it...what does that mean? How to you tell how much focus or how many focus you have? i understand you have some kind of focus creating ability in the first spot on your ability bar or your character cant fight. ..i guess generate focus to fight with. So how do we tell which is best to have therE?

and what would it mean when it says you have to have two Stacks to use an ability? Plasma Brand requires you to have two Stacks of Sundering Stream i think it was.

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