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OK this is exactlyl what i need, thanks ...ok, i am getting closer to understaindg, i get about Focus now i think, i have to use attacks that build focus to use it..

but now onto stacks, still not clear...

can you explain where these two stacks are you mention? i dont understand that..

She also has two stacks one with 26 in it and another with 4. I know certain abilities need 30 of that type of stack to use. If I want to use that ability, then I know I need to give priority in my rotation to the ability that grants that stack in order to get to the 30 needed to use the ability I want to use.
i get that i can use a sequence of certain activities to get an eventual major hit so i want to learn that..i am setting up my abilities to aim for that, i had no idea to put the attacks (buffs?) on the left side that is a good idea as i can then see how they are restoring from being used up...

but i need to understand how you get multiple of anything like you mention a stack being 4 of xomething, i read that in posts but no one explains what it means..i can only put ONE attack or ability icon on the use how do i get multiples...x2 or x4 or x 27 as you say?

do you mean it takes 27 steps to activate a certain attack?

sorry to be slow here but i am getting closer and really appreciate your help....this is stuff i wish the in game tutorials had taught us..or maybe they do and i just missed it.....but it is useless for me to try to advance without understanding this for i just get eaten up.

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