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oh this is really great. i am almost there.

I will use a Focus Build so i can follow your lead on this, i dont care which i use just want to learn how. I an mot commited to Vigilance.

ok, here is my last question i hope..i think i have narrowed it down to one thing you said..

Each tick of Force Stasis and Force Exhaustion grants Singularity.
each tick? is there a counter on the little picture of Force Stasis or Force Exhuastoin that counts ticks? or some form of number? is that how you know if you have x3 or x 4 of something?

i get this part...

This will grant you a reduction in the cost and increasing the damage from your next Force Sweep. So no I have not seen any abilities that took 27 step to activate, but some do take 2 or 3.
what i dont get yet is how something like Singularity can be doubled, trippled, etc... and know it has there must be some form of numbering or tracking that happens as there is no way i could remember one effect getting increased in a fight unless there is some way to KNOW it...

thanks again for all this, i really appreciate it... i want to be a fighter and not just a dumb meat.

by the way, i cant get saber throw yet, Jedi Knight cant get it until level 38 i i am not going to be able to use that chain yet..but i want to asap.

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