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Originally Posted by CrisG View Post
Mim, are those little buttons over the character picture..the stacks i think you called them, can you click on those to activate them?
You don't active them....they are just information. They tell you your buffs debuffs, DoTs and stacks. You have to look at them to know what attack has priority.

Originally Posted by CrisG View Post
how do you set up your UI so that you can put them there? i didnt know we could add buttons, i would like to do something like that for sequences..stacks, i know i will need.... i am gonna run out of hot keys to use...better think how to do this.
I am not really the one to ask about the UI. Lynk will tell you mine is terrible. I have 2 really good ones, but they are for healing, not useful at all for DPS running around.

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YouTube Video

You turn them on

See the lock icon and the what looks like a plus sign right below the level of Mar'ina on the left side of the main quick bar. Click on the plus bar and then under Interfaces: click Extended Quickbars, that will add all the quick bar slots, then you can use the video and link to fix it the way you like. Then save it. You can have more than one and change them out depending on which toon you are using. Like I wrote I have 2 for Brem. One for dailies, HM flashpoints and SM Ops and one when I am really serious about healing.

Oh if you need help, I will not be around this weekend, but I will be back Sunday afternoon/night. However, it would have to be before 7:15 PM west coast time. Have a Ops Sunday night. If not I can do it Monday night. Mar'ina is still in that level range and she has already done that mission.

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