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Nice going so far, but what I'm really looking forward to is your input on the Dark Jedi robes. Vanilla robe textures like PMBI02 and PFBI02 just look kind of mashed up from distinct pieces of cloth, and the greenish/brown highlights in some places look like they don't make sense. I've been meaning to redo those for a while, but I'm still trying to think up a proper base texture.

As for the Qel-Droma robes you're working on, there's one issue that needs to be pointed out, and that is that Ulic wore the blue robe, while his brother Cay wore something else. Cay's robe then passed down to Duron, who wore it after Cay's death and was killed in the Shyrack caves. According to Shadows and Light, the robe Duron and Cay wore was more of a beige-cream tunic with darker reddish-brown pants and a flowing hooded cape suspended with a chain. Now taking that cape out of the equation, we're left with something like this, which I've done a few days ago:
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HOWEVER, this should in no way discourage you from continuing to make these robes. I haven's found any information as to what happened to Ulic's blue robe after his death, so you could make it available as a completely distinct robe with different attributes, and you can make it appear on one of the worlds associated with Ulic's journeys as a Jedi. There's a lot of possibilities here; use your imagination!

I'm more of a '3d fabricator' than a '3d modeller', meaning I prefer to construct things from reference, blueprints or schematics rather than to design stuff of my own.
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