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Originally Posted by SimonKTemplar View Post
Additionally, adding attack bonuses and a restriction to the Force Sensitive feat would mean that only the player character can use it, and is more proficient with it than with other lightsabers.
Not exactly. While gaining any of the Jedi Classes does give the Force Sensitive feat, the other Jedi members also have it as well(which means that any of the Jedi in the party can use it). Without it, the game does NOT allow using force powers. Though it never really happens for the characters in K1(as no other then the player gets an additional class), it does for some of the party in TSL. Along side getting the Jedi class, the character still cannot use force powers, until they gain one more level, which gives the Force Sensitive feat.

The only problem, is that the player does not really gain any specific feats, unlike some of the Party. If one wanted a Saber for Bastila, or Juhani, then the saber could require either Battle Meditation, or Force Camouflage, respectively. Also, since the game doesn't have the PC Restriction Property like TSL does, it cannot be restricted by character alone.

That aside, I like these models. Are you planning to do a custom model for each character, or just a certain few?

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