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Originally Posted by SimonKTemplar View Post
You have a good point on the Force Sensitivity bit, Rtas. I did not notice that before (and I do find it a bit frustrating, since I was really hoping I could restrict it to the player character only).

I was hoping to make unique hilts for every major Jedi/Sith character since I believe that the hilt is a reflection on the Jedi's personal craftsmanship and design (not to mention ergonomics, etc.) but it turns out that there isn't a lot of data regarding the personal lightsabers of several characters, notably Jolee, Juhani and Darth Bandon. I did see that there were unique lightsabers in SWTOR that apparently belonged to Jolee and Bandon respectively, however I do not know if the hilts they use are unique as well, or are simply one of several standard hilt styles, and that you can find other lightsabers with said hilts. As for Juhani, sadly, there is absolutely no data on any canonical hilt whatsoever. There are several pictures of Juhani and they all show her with a different lightsaber, so there's no established canon on that right now.
I only played the trial version of SWTOR and the game isn't f2p yet, so I won't know for sure whether the hilts aforementioned are unique or generic until i get the full thing.
I can tell you with a pretty high level of confidence that - no, lightsabers in TOR are not unique. Meaning - the same hilt model might have ten different names, blade colors, lvl/stats ..etc etc.
4 or 5 months back I remember seeing this particular Revan hilt we're talking about as "Valorous Knight's Lightsaber" with an orange blade which is why I named my version as such. And I think it's in the Knights class video on TOR's website.
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