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I wouldn't be a sith if I didn't take the direct approach.

Tavaryn leapt out of the way as the lightsaber came towards his legs. It had been a while since he had gone one on one in a lightsaber fight but he did get in a few hours practice by the Jedi Belina gave sanctuary to. He replied, "And here I was thinking that you dealt in lies and deceit." He swung his blade to counter another strike.


Tavaryn used the distraction that had been created by the shorter Sith to take advantage. He swung his blade and sliced deeply through the torso in one downward movement and then finished with an upward movement and brought his lightsaber into a ready stance.

Tariq watched the movement Tavaryn made and was impressed. He then said to the shorter one, "You have a choice. You can join your friend or surrender."

Meanwhile Tavaryn was studying his downed opponent and he heard, Nice move Tavy.

"Status of medbay," Tavaryn replied to Tara's comment while staying tense.

Doors shut. Having trouble overriding.

Tavaryn gave a slight nod and then cued his comm. "Viper, this is Alpha Leader. Door is secure. Can you let us in?"

Unknown Station/Ship


Jun-la replied looking around, "That's who we need to find out while we're searching for the child." She looked at Xandros and asked, "Do you have anything? Can you sense anything?"

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