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Originally Posted by Kuai-Donn Jorn View Post
By any chance is that canon source called 'Wookiepedia"?
But yeah, that's cool, man. You could just pick a random hilt that looks cool - model it, label it "Bandon's lightsaber" and call it "canon". Then, just maybe it'll become canon eh?
Wookieepedia isn't the source, it's a reference TO the source. And there are several images, if i recall correctly that point to Revan using a hilt just like the one i made. Aside from that, I found a screenshot of the actual item (Bandon's saber), which does use a generic double-bladed hilt (boo to bioware, being so generic since Neverwinter Nights). I took that hilt, made it a bit more unique (to separate it from the generic batch), and gave it a name. Might not be officially canon...

...but here is a way to actually MAKE it canon:
Step one - write a graphic novel. Graphic novels are best because you can actually see the damn thing.
Step two - go to Dark Horse comics and ask for copyright permissions from George Lucas.
Step three - pay a hefty sum for those rights, get the review of a critic, and with some luck, get your novel published.
Step four - Your material is now canon. Until of course, George Lucas himself decides to make material where your canon is trumped/overriden. In which case, you're screwed. (Clone Wars tv series is a perfect example of this happening)

This at least, is how I seem to see it. And how I got the impression a lot of silly stuff in the expanded universe got called canon. Paul S. Kemp and time travel in Star Wars? No problem! As long as you have the money.

But back to topic, if Revan is indeed seen wielding that hilt in TOR, then I'll assume that's the same saber he used since his retraining on Dantooine, which, as I've mentioned, is mentioned on WP and backed by sources. It's kinda like science really. Until someone comes up with something unique and the guys in charge of canonical content proclaimed that is canon, then this lightsaber hilt will remain Revan's hilt. At least in my eyes, since i prefer there being ONE established canon, and not fifty established canons like in the DC universe, where the same characters are depicted in 50 different variations by 50 different artists, and every single one of them is called canon.

I'm more of a '3d fabricator' than a '3d modeller', meaning I prefer to construct things from reference, blueprints or schematics rather than to design stuff of my own.
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