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Originally Posted by *~*Darth pOOba*~* View Post
The thing with me is I just like to have the physical book in my hands. I like to turn the pages, feel the paper, things like that. Now e-readers in the longterm would be cheaper especially if you're gunna be buying textbooks and things like that. A typical paperback costs 7 to 10 dollars I've seen ebooks as cheap as 50 cents. I think its all down to personal preference though. I have a couple of friends who have kindles and like to have all their books stored and organized in one place. My bookshelf is pretty organized but I'm running out of space fast haha.
Like you said, I like to experience the actual physicality of the book in my hands (I'm a pleasure reader).

I tried reading on a Kindle before, and it just didn't cut it.

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