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"Viper, this is Alpha Leader. Door is secure. Can you let us in?"

The CMO looked at one of the nurses. Reverse the Lockdown on the medbay doors." She then turned to look at one of the nurses attending Belina. "Status of the Admiral?"

One of the medical alarms suddenly started beeping. "We're losing her!" The nurse shouted out urgently as the lights began to flicker. "We're losing power to the medbay! All of our life support machines are going offline!"

"Lockdown has ended!"

The doors to the medbay finally opened and the CMO ran to the door. "Get in here! Now!" She shouted at the group. "We're losing power to the medbay and that means the machines keeping her alive are starting to fail!"

"Restrain him immediately. I think we all know what captured Sith tend to do."

The shorter sith offered no resistance as he was restrained.

Unknown station

"That's who we need to find out while we're searching for the child. Do you have anything? Can you sense anything?"

"I can sense hostile intentions. Quite a few of them heading this way as a matter of fact."

He paused for a moment. "In fact...there are already a few in here with us. Why they haven't attacked yet I don't know."

He turned to Valek and motioned towards a section of the cargo bay that was obscured by the shadows. "Two of them over there...they know we're here." He said quietly. "Can you take them out? I'm more of a close quarters fighter and your the only one armed with a blaster."
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