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We're losing power to the medbay and that means the machines keeping her alive are starting to fail!

Tavaryn snapped to attention and with a speed that would rival a Jedi's, he was in the medbay. It was a miracle that he didn't knock over the CMO as he rushed to Belina's side. Audibly he said, "Admiral if you die on me then I will wreak worse havoc with the viper than I do now. I know you like a tight ship and chaos makes you cringe."

Mentally he cleared his mind. The last time he did this for Garja and that left him drained. Of course he had injuries up the wazoo and had been almost dead. This was different. He cleared his mind and began to open out and seek out the most serious of the injuries. Out loud he asked, "Prognosis doctor?"


Kaillian had been cuddling with her father throughout the attack on the ship. She knew that bad men were there and she had remained quiet except for quiet sobbing that was eased when Matton cuddled her.

The shaking had now stopped and she was able to sense all was not right. Tentatively she reached out, Don't go Beli. Tavy help you.


Tariq let the LT pass and focused on getting the squad together to harness the Sith. He said, "Scatty, restrain with special methods and escort to the brig. Inform Admiral Garja we have them."

"Roger that," Scatty replied and she motioned for the others to take the prisoner.

Tariq looked at Komad and said, "Do you wish to make sure the prisoner is secure Master Jedi?"


Clear, I think.

Jun-la gave a slight nod to Valek. She then said, "You should probably take point. Xandros, you watch his six?"

Inwardly she turned to focus. She could sense the child and she could feel its fear. She reached out, Child? Are you all right?

Ebon Hawk

I thought you were still on the Ackbar.

Tonatius was wiping his hands on a rag. He replied, "Andros is not the only one who knows a thing or two about engines. Besides I wasn't really going to let you go alone."

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