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Originally Posted by CrisG View Post
I think the Jedi class sucks, they are lousy in fights against tough enemies no mater how hard you try, Sith eat them for lunch. I think whoever designed the balances hated Jedi and made them a miserable class to play. I suspect that is one of the reasons so many people stopped playing the game. I am going to try again but i tell you being a Jedi is a really lousy way to go. You dont get a healer until the mid 30 levels and you suffer for it all along the way no matter how good you are at the buffs etc. at least that is my experience. Be warned. Jedi are pansies in this game.
I'm not trying to be mean here but... the Jedi class is just fine, it's just that you specifically seem to have a lot of trouble with it. With a player who has even mid-level skills, the Jedi Knight is a very effective class that can hit pretty hard and take quite a lot of punishment. |

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