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I got a message from my ex today... the first once since she broke up with me. I haven't been angry with her about all this until now.

She was upset with me that people were messaging her asking what was going on and what she is doing. She blamed me more or less.

Well... sorry, but I don't know how I'm supposed to answer people when they ask me about her and what's going on with us without telling the truth about the situation. How do you gently tell people that she has left me and taken the kids and moved to another country, or phrase it vaguely enough that they won't ask follow up questions? "She's fine!" isn't exactly accurate... and it sure as hell doesn't explain where she is or why nobody's seen her or the kids or heard from any of them lately.

Sorry... but I'm the one left behind, holding the (very big) bag, having to deal with all the aftermath with all her family and friends. If she wanted to control the public relations of the situation, she really should have done that before she left.


In other news... happier news (I guess)...

I'm using my now copious free personal time, when not working, to catch up on episodes and the movies of Futurama.


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