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ok thanks, i am trying to find ways to make it work..i just need specifics..not just people saying I am bad at it.

I am trying to give the game a chance but it has been my experience so far that each stage of the path hits a wall with some tough boss or enemy and the upgrades and skills we learn we are just handed with no would have been better to integrate some teaching into the upgrades instead of just buying the skill from the trainer, he dsent do any training at all and there is no way i know of to spar or learn from a teacher.

I have been using the interrrupts but what happened was I hit a battle in my main class quest there you have to defeat three Sith Harrowers and they do go immune to any attack for a time, and so they seemed unbeatable, since i am still new to the detailed use of the skills. So i will go back and try more interrupts. that helped a lot thanks for that advice, i really appreciate it.

i will look for videos i did not realize that anyone would take the time to share that way. I am NOT as much a internet person as many for i came from an earlier generation by quite a few. thanks again.

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