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@ crisg: Don't think I'm picking on you because you're inexperienced. When mimartin and I started playing swtor, this was our first ever MMO and we started at 0 just like you did. The difference is that the two of us took time to read things. When we bought those skills, we read up about each one. And you don't need to really Google anything to read up about what they do because all of the information is inside the game itself.

The second thing is that you have PLENTY of time to test each move and how the moves combine with each other with their affects, buffs and debuffs before you actually reach a boss in your class story.

There are a hell of a lot of official tutorials inside the game, on the internet and a lot of guides created by regular people everywhere who play the game. The Internet is all about creation and sharing and all you really need to do is open up Google and ask for what you need and you will find the answers to your questions and the solutions to your problems and EXTREMELY detailed guides about everything you'll ever need to know.

That said... you're just levelling a toon through story, so the average player really only needs to pay attention to what they game tells you (and it does give you a lot of very good information if you're willing to pay attention to it) and occasionally seek help from the outside. |

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