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Oh yeah, speaking on F2P, BioWare now says you guys get 2 quickbars and that anyone who was previously subbed to swtor gets "preferred player status" which means that they get other perks too outlined in this post:

The best part? All you need to do to get this status is to buy a single month or subscription to swtor and you're in... and once you have preferred player status, you keep it permanently.

So what do you get as a preferred player?

As a Preferred Status Player, you will gain the following benefits compared to Free-to-Play Players:
• The Sprint ability at Level 1
• Access to your Cargo Hold (an 80 item Player Bank)
• Access to Secure Trade (starting at level 10)
• The ability to send Mail, including one (1) attachment
• Increased allowance for chat message frequencies in Public chat channels (such as /general)
• An increased Credits Cap
• Access to the Who List
• Three (3) additional Sale Slots on the Galactic Trade Network (for a total of 5)
• One (1) additional active Crew Skill Slot (for a total of 2)
• Reduced skill point respecialization costs
• Increased Server queue priority |

Ch1 | Ch2 | Ch3 | Ch4 coming soon...
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