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Vallendreth watched from far away as two war parties clashed agianst each other. The sound of the battle echoed through the canyon walls like a storm.
"Maybe they'll end up killing each other." He thought to himself as he turned his horse around and started towards the other direction.

He had planned on passing through the canyon, but there was a battle going on and he didn't see a way to get past. He left the canyon and stopped, he saw another war partie coming up. He didn't know if it was reinforcements for one of the warlords already in the battle, or if it was another warlord with his army.

He quickly put his horce into gallop and ran down into the fields, trying to get far enough away so they wouldn't bother to come after him. He saw a village off in the distance so he started towards it, he needed to resupply anyway.

Lets rock and role play!

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