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Star Wars: Shadow's Reach

((This RP is set in the Old Republic Era. Set about the same time as the events of Star Wars: The Old Republic.))

The galaxy is in a state of chaos as the Galactic Republic and The Sith Empire struggle for control. The Treaty of Coruscant is being ignored as both sides prepare for another War, A war that will make the last one seem insignificant.

But unknown to both sides there is a shadowy influence in the furthest regions of the galaxy that is pushing them towards war, influencing the right men and women on both sides so that a second war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire will be unavoidable.

Only a few individuals in the galaxy seem to know that something is wrong and they are calling upon those that they trust the most to stop the coming war.

((All Republic Characters will be starting on Tatooine and Imperial Characters will be meeting on Nar Shaddaa. The two will be working together and traveling together at a later point in the Rp.))

No Godmodding
No Super powerful characters
No more than Four characters
Language is to be kept at a Pg-13 level. You can insult the characters but not the people controlling them.
No killing other characters without permission.
Feel Free to use your characters from The Old Republic! You don't have to but if you want to, you can.
Have fun!


NAME: Vel'ras
AFFILIATION: Galactic Republic
GENDER: Female
AGE: 24
SPECIES: Miraluka
APPEARANCE: Medium height, brown hair and blue eyes. Wears a traditional jedi robe with two scrapes of cloth over her eyes.
WEAPONS: Violet Lightsaber
EQUIPMENT: ration packs.
History ((Optional.))

NAME: Rothor
AFFILIATION: Galactic Republic
AGE: 26
APPEARANCE: 6'2 with black hair and green eyes. Wears a heavily fortified jedi robe that allows him to take a few blaster hits but reduces his speed in combat
WEAPONS: Two blue lightsabers
EQUIPMENT: Ration packs and a few explosives that are used when a lightsaber can't get the job done.
OCCUPATION: Jedi sentinel
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