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Originally Posted by Pho3nix View Post
Not to be that guy, but doesn't the bible talk about dark spiritual entities out to attack you as well?
Yes, but general consensus is that you just leave it to God to protect you from any sort of 'dark forces' there may be out there, and that if specific cases of 'dark side activity' is encountered, any Christian can call on the name of God to subdue it.
However, there are a small number of people that focus almost entirely on this thing in a hyper-superstitious sort of way. *Every* little thing is attributable to demon activity and must be dealt with by confronting each particular demon, that believe in protecting one's self, home etc by using special objects and rituals and whatnot, etc etc.

I suppose by being a Christian, one is somewhat superstitious by necessity, but the point is that there is a way of life that is so consumed by the negative aspects of these things (both inside and outside of Christianity) which I (and most people) do not subscribe to (i.e. we are not driven to 'borderline insanity' by it).

Originally Posted by 90 SK View Post
I like it because its thought provoking and inspiring. I understand that it is also daunting and strange which is why I haven't completely devoured the site - I've read some of it, skimmed other parts. That psychedelic web thing was cool.

Its anti establishment and pro world unification which I like... I thought it was clever but maybe I'll retract "best blog" statement since I never read blogs. But then again I'm not really a reader either. I'm sure there are better blogs, with better subjects.

A lot of the books I've read recently are also on the subject of spiritualism, it's something I go out of my way to research. It's kind of a hobby of mine to keep books like that. Study of the seven chakras, buddhism, and energy healing all fascinate me. Because this blog has a lot of content related to those topics, naturally it's something I'm drawn to. I don't want to polarize people by posting things like this, but I can't help it if its evocative (and its evocative nature is no reason to withhold it either). But it's not like I mind people having negative opinions on it, quite the opposite.

Yes there are conspiracy theories on the site, including 2012, but there is also prose, inspiring quotes, and links to videos and other sites on Mayan astrology and other topics that are legit in giving information on what exactly is being discussed within topics that tend to suffer from ambiguity (to put it mildly).

This is the kind of site that someone who read "The Power of Now" would probably dig, it's right there in the same vein of study. I read that book part way through and it was a lot of the same kind of inspirational motivational spiritualism talk.
I read that post about the simultaneous meditation thing during an eclipse in May this year, and I couldn't help but think of

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Damn, that is such a funky song.

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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