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Ackbar Medbay

The CMO kept a constant watch towards the remaining medical equipment and her eyes widened as the readings for the Admiral slowly began to even out. They were no longer randomly going up and down.

"I don't believe it..." She muttered as the readings finally settled. She could hear the Admiral's breathing become slow and even.

Admiral. Stay with me. I might even get a laugh at your expense since you might be in a bacta tank.

Belina muttered something as she attempted to speak. The CMO leaned closer to her and heard what the Admiral said next.

"I...dare you to laugh Onashi. I dare you."

The CMO couldn't help it: She started laughing. "I can't believe you managed to pull if off."

She motioned for two of the nurses to come forward as the Admiral's eyes started to open. "We'll transfer her to the Death's Head as soon as possible."

The Medical officer looked at Tavaryn. "You saved her life. You know that right? If you hadn't made it here in time I'm certain she would have died a very painful death."


Can you tell me where you are?

The Cathar child tried to stop the onslaught of tears that were threatning to overwhelm her. I think I'm in the brig but I'm not sure.

Sith Warship

"Lord Corial. You have been charged with betraying the Undying Sith Empire by attempting to keep a force sensative child from being taken for training by the sith." The captain's voice was quiet.

The Cathar former jedi smiled as he ignited his lightsaber and quickly turned around. "I may hate the jedi, but I swear that if anyone ever attempts to harm my daughter, they will die."

"Open fire!" The captain shouted to the security team just as Varith unleashed a stream of lightning at the captain and the security team.

Alarms began to blare throughout the ship as Varith ran towards the bridge lift as he deflected blaster bolts that were being fired by the bridge crew. He gathered the force around him and slammed the doors together with enough force that the metal began to crack as he used his lightsaber to weld the door shut.

He paused briefly and began making his way towards the hanger bay.
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