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Ackbar Medbay

I...dare you to laugh Onashi. I dare you.

Tavaryn heard the Admiral as he felt her vitals start to stabilize. He felt his energy ebb and he was seriously pushing the limits here. However the damage had been extensive and there was no way he was going to let Belina go without a fight. He murmured, "I just might."

He continued until he could hear the viper's medical equipment even out as her vitals stabilized. He was really pushing the limits and he completely forgot that he had been buried under a pile of rubble earlier. When he was satisfied, he ebbed out the energy and slowly opened his eyes.

You saved her life. You know that right? If you hadn't made it here in time I'm certain she would have died a very painful death.

Tavaryn looked at the CMO as he felt suddenly lightheaded. "Not if I could help it." He couldn't stand and felt his legs give out underneath him and he passed out.


I think I'm in the brig but I'm not sure.

Jun-la listened to the child. At least she had calmed down enough. She replied, It is alright little one. We'll find you.

Looking up ahead she called out to Xandros, "Let's head to the brig. She might be in there."

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