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"We have incoming. Two seperate groups attempting to take us by surprise. One large group, one small group."

"Let's head to the brig. She might be in there."

"Right. The larger group will probably be there. I'll scout around and get rid of the smaller group before they could flank us.", Valek said as he walked down the corridor.

Sure enough, he was right. He heard footsteps rushing down the corridor. Seeing two pirates around a corner, he raised his rifle and fired. Both fell almost simultaneously. Turning down that corridor, he continued walking. After a few minutes of wandering the mazes of corridors, he heard footsteps behind him. Turning his head, he side kicked the pirate, sending him tumbling down the corridor. He aimed and fired at the pirate, some of the bolts piercing the pirate's armored mesh. He unsheathed a vibrosword and rushed at Valek. He brought up his rifle to block the overhead chop, and crouched to punch the pirate in the stomach. He then sidestepped and grabbed his rifle by the barrel, smashing it against the pirate's face, violently knocking him to the ground. He lowered his rifle and fired, killing him.

Walking down another turn in the corridor, he searched for the fourth pirate. He heard someone to his left, and he turned to see a Dark Jedi down that part of the corridor. Walking down it, he changed the firing mode of his rifle to 'automatic'. Igniting his lightsaber, the Dark Jedi advanced on Valek. He raised his rifle and unleashed a barrage of blaster bolts at his adversary. Blocking the bolts and closing the distance, the Dark Jedi grabbed the rifle with his free hand and wrenched it out of his grip, tossing it aside. He then force pushed Valek, sending him sprawling down the corridor. Getting up, Valek unsheathed his vibrosword and parried blows with the Dark Jedi.

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