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Ackbar Medbay

"Not if I could help it."

The CMO sighed heavily as Tavaryn hit the deck. "Get ready to transport him to the Death's Head as well. Their medbay probably has more room. As soon as repairs are made we'll move them back here."

"Yes Doctor."

The Doctor looked down at Tavaryn and shook her head. "When you wake up You'd better appreciate the fact that I didn't throw you in one of the bacta tanks."


It is alright little one. We'll find you.

The child looked around and saw a group of pirates conversing with a man with a black robe.

There's someone else here to. He's wearing a black robe...but he looks like hes mad.

"Let's head to the brig. She might be in there."

"Hold on." Xandros said quietly as he reached out through the force again. He could dark presences aboard the station, much darker than the pirate's presences.

"I think this just became much more difficult. I think there are dark jedi aboard the station. They must have beat us here somehow."

He stopped talking as he heard the sound of distant combat.

"...And I think Valek just ran into one of them."

Sith Warship
Hanger bay

Varith looked back at the burning mess that he had made of the ship's interior. He had used the force and his lightsaber to make sure they would be too busy repairing the ship to worry about him, and he had managed to plant a few explosives in the engine room.

He looked at a few of the small assortment of ships that had a hyperdrive and quickly selected one.

Varith smiled to himself as he powered up the ship and activated the engines. As he flew out of the damaged hanger he began to calculate the jump to lightspeed. He turned to look at the ship and laughed softly as he saw various hull breaches and small fires breaking out all over the ship.

The explosives should detonate

Just as the ship jumped to lightspeed he saw a massive explosion engulf the engines of the ship, most likely leaving it beyond repair and adrift in space.
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