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Originally Posted by Q View Post
^Came outta nowhere, didn't it?

I really hope that the new movies have original storylines.

Notable exceptions aside, most of the EU is just terrible.
You have read every single installment in the Star Wars Expanded Universe in order to arrive at that conclusion? You sir have earned my respect

Originally Posted by Dak Drexl View Post
Well it's just stuff that somebody makes up anyway, so for me it doesn't make a difference what any of it is about, just so long as it's entertaining of course.

To each, his own
True, the stories don't necessarily NEED to be 'movie' canon in order to be enjoyed, it just helps things to mesh better. I would be bummed though reading a book and knowing that it was totally out of place in the SW timeline, that would be on my mind the entire time.

But seriously folks we're missing the big picture here, now we can have Darth Vader, Yoda, Maul, The Death Star and Force Powers in any future Kingdom Hearts games that come out yay!
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