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Before anyone trolls or what not, let's look at the facts.

1. Disney has bought Lucasfilm and owns the rights to Star Wars.
2. They said they will do another Star Wars film.
3. The Star Wars timeline spans 25,000+ years; plenty of room for new films.

What don't we know?

1. Who will direct, write, or star in this new film.
2. How Disney intends to take Star Wars. Maybe they will do a James Bond thing with some good and some bad movies. That is the most likely.

So we have no reason to complain about this. However, there is something for me to say. As much crap as I have given Lucas, he has earned some respect from me for letting this go. Now he no longer receives the profits and such from Star Wars. He has given up his baby for the fans, and that is commendable.

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