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whoa large image screwing up the format....


*checks pulse*

yup still alive. feck.
yeah I'm sorry for my last post. I know f-bombs arent taken too kindly, but given the fact that I'm 'omfg' behind my bills right now
some how I owe my credit card $500+ (which is now closed, and over maxed the 5k limit)
verizon $150+
car insurance $180+
town of sweden $225 (think I covered this one)
on top of that I'm pulling my retirement (which won't cover it all (looking at you credit card)), for some stupid reason I STILL CANT get a job... >.>

SO with that being said...

I REALLY (at that time) didn't need a one heck of a bomb dropped on me D:

on the PLUS side, I'm actively 20% service disabled
which means $251 a month for the rest of my life. Not going to complain other to myself than getting it done eariler, but. right now, I'll take what I can get.

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