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I honestly have no idea what to think of all this. On one hand, I would like another SW trilogy and a new Jedi Knight game (and a new KoTOR game, while I'm at it), but on the other hand, I'm not too thrilled at the prospect of a new SW movie "every two to three years".

As for this announced Episode VII, I'd like to see what they have planned - I'd be interested in seeing the Thrawn trilogy adapted, but that would most certainly require a recast of all the characters we know and love. I guess the alternative is to go further into the future (since it's Ep. 7, after all) and perhaps adapt some of the later books, where old actors could be used, or adapt the Star Wars Legacy comic book, which has a completely new cast of characters. Then again, since it's apparently going to be an original story, they might just pick a timeframe and a set of characters and make something new. A trilogy with Kyle Katarn, or one of the other side characters as the protagonist, might be interesting to watch.

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