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Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post
Yeah, please ignore canon.
I have no idea why SW-people adore canon so much as to even tell people not to play KOTOR2 as male or KOTOR1 as female. Seriously, what the ****?

I only think this can make things better, as present LA and LF aren't exacly "good", so maybe this give them the much needed chance to improve...
Originally Posted by Shem View Post

I still get people telling me off on my YouTube videos every now-and-then for playing the games wrong. Then I tell them off for having such a narrow mind and do it in such a way so they're offended by my response. I continue to play with them for a bit by provoking them where they really defend their view and then I really insult their narrow view and how the KOTOR are role playing games and how I should be able to make whatever choices I want to make and insult them really badly and block them from being able to respond just at the right point where they are really frustrated with me. Fun stuff!
Thank you to both of you

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