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Thanks K. It's been interesting reading up on it and dealing with it. It's moving onto shock for her on all the stuff she can't eat and the other stuff that results from Celiacs.

See, she's had it for a while. The first blood test came up as positive, which in Celiacs never happens. So the Doctors assume she's gone undiagnosed for YEARS. Her biological mother never thought to have her tested for Gastrointestinal issues, despite having bloody stools and intense abdominal cramping. According to her biological mother, it was an "Act, she just wanted attention". My girlfriend says she's had them since the 8th grade. So, potentially she's been having issues with Celiacs for years.

They still have to do the biopsy for her small intestine to see how much damage is there. They also put her on 600mg of iron a day because her iron count is wayyyy to low.

Needless to say, if I ever see her biological mother, I will punch her in the face.

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