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Updated my journal

Originally Posted by Zhaboka View Post
I like the look of that, although it's a bit dim. I always imagined holocrons as casting a nice big swath of light. I'm glad you solved the UV map problem! Shiny is goody. Or something. I should probably stop typing now.
Thanks! Unfortunately, dynamic lighting like that is impossible in KotOR, so far as I know.

Now, onto updates: The main part of my work recently has been on tightening up the workings of the holocrons (and other lightsaber form giving devices) on Korriban and Dantooine. These now are pretty well working as I want them, with only minor tweaks needed, and I have a few screenshots for you:

Kashyyyk needs I think one more script and some tidying up, before it is entirely usable. The Unknown World needs one or two more scripts and some tidying up.

After this, I need to add the two unarmed fighting forms you can learn from this mod. One of these is going on Tatooine, for certain. I haven't decided where to put the other, but it may go on any of Kashyyyk, Taris or Tatooine.

I'm hoping this will not take long. After that, I will be looking for perhaps 5-7 voice actors, for the characters I either have added or will be adding. The next step after that will be releasing a beta version for anyone willing to beta test, and following fixes, release.

However, I have also done some work on another, more uncertain project, for which I have a few teasers:

^ This photo has a bit of history behind it; the area reskin was originally done years ago for another (eventually abandoned) mod, and is being reused here, hence the low-res, and not very appropriate skybox.

Now, I wonder what those might be for?

Yes, it's the idea for a community project I had a while back. Well, I started putting together a rough plot and doing some work module editing. If anyone with useful skills is willing to pitch in, I'd be grateful.

As always, your comments, questions, and feedback are much appreciated.

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