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Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
I am looking forward to what the KOTOR and TSL movie makers might do with this. I've just pointed the way to this thread.
Tested this out a bit on TSL, and for the most part, it does work. It is buggy in some places though so I'm going to play around with the angles and maybe even the config settings a little bit. Like the NWN camera angles not painting the sky lots of the time, some angles don't paint the entire background while others do (specifically, I noticed the shield wall on Telos, the pillars on Korriban, etc. disappear and reappear in spots). I've found about 4 different camera angles so far and you can adjust the height up or down however you like. I think I can make use of this program though and overall it does have a lot of potential. I'll be sure to play around with it when I get to the filming stage of my Episode V. Once again, great find and this is sure to improve my next two movies!
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