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Originally Posted by Mandalore5 View Post
I'd say they are equal, if not with Revan being superior - if Revan hadn't created his holocron, Darth Bane would never have discovered the Rule of Two, and the Sith would've been destroyed long ago - and that would mean the Skywalker bloodline wouldn't have any significance, as there would be no Empire.
That is kind of a chicken before the egg argument. If things would have gone differently from the beginning of people using the force, it might have ended up that none of them existed.

I am talking about the accomplishments of each bloodline. The Revan bloodline was more the pioneer of the two, but the things that Revan had done, (for arguments sake, i am including Bastila Shan in this to, because you can't have a Revan bloodline without the mother of Revan's Children), do they outweigh the accomplishments of the Skywalker bloodline (including Luke, and his children, as well as Leia and her children). The Skywalker line accomplished a lot, while also being pawns in a bigger game by a more powerful sith. But in the end still "brought balance to the force" and included "the chosen one"

I can also argue that even though Anakin was "the chosen one", Revan still had a bigger impact on the galaxy for what he had done to stop Lord Vitiate, Emperor of the Sith. While Anakin did bring "balance to the force" by killing the last trained, and true sith lord, it was only for a short while. The galaxy was once again plunged into war between the Jedi and the Sith.

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