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Xarwarrs textures 2012 issue, please help.

Hello all,, I'm new to the forums but I have been modding games for some time now. I recently decided to mod kotor 2 since I never got to play at launch and thought that would be fun. Firstly, I just wanted to find a nice texture overhaul for it like the ultimate enhancement for kotor which was amazing.

If there is a "best" texture overhaul for KOTOR 2 please share it with me and end my search. Or, if Xarwars is the best out there can someone tell me what I am doing wrong since the mods do not come with readme's and I cannot find a help thread for his work anywhere. I downloaded the files and ran them as admin on windows 7, unzipping them to my override folder. They are in sub folders but I also removed them from the sub folder and placed them directly into the override and that didn't work either.

All I am getting are blank and grey textures as though the skins just aren't overwriting or something. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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